New Year, New Words

Somehow New Years always seem to demand new year’s resolutions, no matter how many worthy promises  to ourselves were left in tatters last time around. From personal–those five pounds put on by grazing on too many holiday sweets that now need to be dropped–to professional, do we have resolutions!  As I cleared up shredded wrapping paper and fallen Christmas tree balls sent hither and yon by clever cat paws, I was already pondering.

My writing resolutions are clear.  I did finish the YA novel I was writing in 2013.  In December I read the last, much revised chapter to my critique group.  Now a little more polishing and I must brace myself and put it out there into the cold, cruel world–that’s resolution number one, and then, number two:  start a new project.  I already have something in mind, although I’m not ready to talk about it yet.

Number three: I want to learn more about ebooks and think about reviving some older novels that are OP (out of print) and decide if I want to try to get them back into circulation and if so, see what is involved.  Okay, I confess, that was a resolution for this year, too, so I really need to do that one, or at least, gather the info.  I do know that the books will need some revising–no one is as up to date on new technologies as teens and preteens, so if I do reprint a book even a few years old, it will have to be brought into the world of cell phones, texting, etc. So my tech horizons will be broadened in more ways than one.  Santa brought me a new up to date I phone for Christmas, so that will help.

And after that, who knows?  What are your resolutions?  More consistent writing hours?  Better research habits, or maybe reminders not to get so carried away by your research that you forget to write?  Are you determined to find a new critique group/start a new critique group?  Haunt the local library and book store and read plenty of the age fiction or nonfiction you wish to write?  Go to a writers’ conference and get the tips and networking you need to get past your current logjam?

Whatever your resolution, I wish you good luck and fortune in 2014.

Cheryl Zach/ WIP:  The Devil Tattoo