BY Judy Enderle

Editing1     One way authors create character is through word choices. For example, Who would use a word like harbinger? Katniss Everdeen? The Cat in the Hat? Winnie the Pooh? Captain Underpants? Harry Potter? The main character in your story?

When you first start writing for publication, you think: If only I could get this one book published. When you have been publishing for awhile, you think: If only I could get this next book published.

Author Sid Fleischman always gave good advice. One tip he shared proved so true. “Never throw anything away. If you cut scenes or information from your work, put those parts in a doggie bag.” Doggie bags might contain future magazine stories or nonfiction articles, picture books, sequels, or new novels. Does your computer have a doggie bag file as well as an idea file?

If there are topics you’d like the Mavens to address, let us know, please. The other Mavens will Meander when inclined or when avoiding writing or instead of cleaning the office or . . . .

Happy Writing, Everyone!




4 thoughts on “MEANDERINGS

  1. A doggie bag is a wonderful idea. Instead, I have so many versions of the same story that it’s a joke. One of these days I’m going to clean up those old files and see if I have anything worth saving. I kniw there are lots of topics I’d love you to address, but right now my brain is corn meal mush.

    • Hi, Susan,

      Of course I can just picture my office full of actual doggie bags in long lines that fall out of the closet each time I open it. Your Pen and Ink blog is so fabulous. You have had a great variety of topics. “Links” is moving gradually to the top of my to-do list. Never give up!

  2. I always tell myself that one day, I’m going to be organized to store things where they belong but until now, it’s still a struggle. Like a manuscript that’s begging to be published, my story idea doggie bag still needs a place in our office. I like that idea by the way.

    • Sometimes writers have to try several ways to keep track of ideas and beloved words they have to take out of their manuscripts. I hope you find what works best for you, Alicia.